Cupboard essentials: MasterChef star shares easy dishes to make with cheap ingredients

He added: “A cottage pie is always good for this as well, it’s a perfect dinner and then with a little inspiration (just by giving everyone two tablespoons less at dinner) you can create an epic cottage pie toastie for lunch.”

When it comes to cooking, the chef shared the advantages of using tinned fruit and vegetables.

The MasterChef champion recently joined forces with specialist communications agency, Down At The Social, to launch an initiative called #FeedingFamiliesFor30.

He added: “I have to say that in the currently climate and after working closely with food poverty and FeedingFamiliesFor30 we have to work with what we have got, there are many advantages to tinned fruit and vegetables, they’re non-perishable, ready cooked (which helps with fuel poverty) and there is vast array of them, which in the winter season can help with getting the kids to eat their favourites of both.