Snowpiercer season 2: Andre and Josie 'to get back together' as star drops clue 'People do

The show is only two episodes in this newest season but fans of Snowpiercer were handed a massive shock this week when the TNT and Netflix show dropped a huge reveal. Josie Wellstead (played by Katie McGuinness), who everyone believed dead, came back. But has Layton (Daveed Diggs) has now moved on with Zarah (Sheila Wand) what does this mean for their relationship?

The return of Josie might be the biggest surprise of season two of Snowpiercer, even though it’s only just started. 

We last saw Josie in season one when she heroically fell trying to take out Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly). 

She got horrifically frostbitten over her entire body, but she wasn’t as dead as both the people of Snowpiercer and viewers thought. 

While she was unable to be recognised by a bulk of the train and labelled a Jane Doe, it was Zarah who spotted instantly who she really was. 

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“In terms of the relationship between her and Layton, time is so compressed on this train, always, and so many things happen all the time,” said the actor. 

“But there’s something I find really honest about a relationship that has two people who are clearly in love but are forced apart by circumstance and then have full complicated lives without each other and then come back together. 

“And then they’re like ‘Is this what we’re doing?’ We do that. People do that,” he continued. 

Could Diggs alluding to “people doing that” hint Andre and Layton will be together once again?

While not many people might have such life-threatening and complicated twists in their relationships as the people of Snowpiercer, viewers have been appreciating the direction the show is headed. 

“I cannot believe that Josie and Layton reunion. Omg. #snowpiercer,” said one fan on Twitter. 

Another added: “Josie! Holy [poop emoji], wasn’t expecting that twist. #Snowpiercer”

“Obviously it happens in a relatively short span of time on this train like everything does, but still the root of it is there,” continued Daveed. 

“It feels very human and familiar and complicated in a way that feels sort of surprising for a show like this. I like things like that.”

Snowpiercer continues Monday on TNT in the USA and Tuesday on Netflix UK.