Jeremy Clarkson left ‘so angry that his teeth itch’ after Boris Johnson's press conference

Jeremy blasted those lucky enough to get air-time with the PM on the matter, and gave a few hypothetical examples to really mock the situation.

“No. Instead, what we get is: “So, Prime Minister. Now that you’ve murdered 100,000 people by dithering, will you cut your own head off?” he mimicked.

“There’s no point to a question like this because Boris is never going to say, ‘Yes. It’s all my fault. I had some bat for supper and now everyone is dead.'”

He added: “I get so angry, it makes my teeth itch.”

Jeremy believes that in yers to come, once Covid is a thing of the past, “many inquiries will be held” to examine what went wrong so the UK can be better prepared if anything like this ever happens again.