EGX 2019 Mini Reviews of the Biggest Games – Cyberpunk 2077, FF7, COD, Iron Man VR, SOR4 and More

I played Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy 7, Call of Duty, Iron Man PSVR, Streets of Rage 4 and More

I talk about my experience with Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Streets of Rage 4, Iron Man VR and More

EGX 2019 showcased many games So I want to set expectations and spread some insight into my experience.
I also won a Beatsaber Competition and Won a 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 controller and Spiderman Bag.

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CyberPunk: 2:00

FF7: 5:08

BeatSaber Win: 10:30

Avengers: 11:20

Iron Man VR: 13:30

Streets of Rage 4: 16:50

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: 19:50

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