Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ makes 'rule' with wife after 'pressure' becomes too much

But despite not having proper plans, Chris added that he and Tash were “chomping at the bit” for Friday night.

“Because Friday evening is part of FriDAY, you can carry it on from the evening and it can be hard sometimes,” he said.

“So, we’ve decided to keep our night dryish – not totally, obviously – but have the night we’ve always been trying to have, which is hugely successful, it has to be said, out of those 15-years,” he giggled before explaining what they did last week.

“Last Friday, it was 9:15pm and we were both so tired we thought, ‘Shall we have a glass of wine?’ but then said, ‘Let’s do this tomorrow, that makes a lot more sense.'”

“If you take the pressure off the Friday, you get the night you wanted anyway!”