Opinion: Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold Price Hike Isn't a Good Look

potatoseal2h ago

“Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold Price Hike Isn’t a Good Look”

Just might be the understatement of the year so far.

“built a track record of doing right by gamers”

How though? I get the gamepass angle and I agree with that for sure, but Last gen? Just a poor showing of games compared to the competition. Sony released amazing award winning exclusives all gen and in 2020 before the new consoles launched, while MS has next to nothing in 2020 for their console in comparison. The end of the 360 life-cycle was the same, when their competition were releasing amazing exclusives right up unitl the end. Look at their launch titles for Series X and compare to PS5. See their mapped out 2021 and compare to Sony’s mapped out 2021. It’s just not even close.

I’m not saying their future doesn’t look a little brighter with their aquisitions, but don’t act like they’ve done right by gamers who really, only want to play great games and lots of them.

Geez, if MS has “built a track record” then Sony own the blueprints and building materials MS used to build the damn ‘track record’.

source: gamezpot.com