Modded Sonic Games Are Zoomed Out To The Heavens

Illustration for article titled Modded iSonic/i Games Are Zoomed Out To The Heavens

Screenshot: CodenameGamma

Modified versions of Sonic 1 & 2, ripped from their mobile ports, decompiled then played on a PC, can do some neat stuff, like let you play with the camera zoomed out so far you can see the whole damn level.

As Ars Technica report, this allows you to scale the game’s resolution, including pulling everything back to an astounding 4096×2160, which is just a sight to behold:

Is that playable? Maybe, depends how close you’re sitting to the monitor! But what it lacks in practicality it more than makes up for with the fact you get to enjoy the whole level laid out in front of you, providing an entirely new perspective on something you may have played 500 times but never seen quite like this.

For reference, Sonic on the Genesis/Mega Drive was displayed at just 320×224, so yeah, this is zoomed out.