Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Red Responds to Report About Fake E3 Demo and Development Issues

ZeroBlue23h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I have yet to play the game, and while CDPR obviously dropped the ball with the launch, I’m still really excited to play the next gen patched version on my PS5 whenever it comes out. I know you’re not supposed to say anything positive about this game these days, but it looks incredibly ambitious, and from everything I’ve seen, the writing and storytelling seems to be every bit as good as it was in Witcher 3, and for me personally, that’s more than enough to warrant a purchase. Though it does seem like it would be wise to wait for the optimal experience when the bugs get ironed out and we get the version updated for next gen.

I dunno, yeah, they screwed up, but I’ve never seen this much outrage, lol. Skyrim was a buggy disaster (the CP2077 memes? Yeah, Skyrim already did that years ago), with mediocre gameplay mechanics and story when it released, yet it got a bunch of GOTY awards. I’m not saying you should give a pass to this game, it just seems like the standard now is a bit inconsistent compared to games in the past.