Cobra Kai season 4 theories: Does Hawk's hair colour reflect his mood?

D3MICRO said: “Since the blue hair was his most “innocent” form, like, he was just learning and he wanted to learn karate to defend himself and flip the script.

“Then comes the red hair, the most violent form of Hawk we have seen to date. I think that if he forgives Johnny, he will definitely have a purple Hawk, blue for his motives and red for his experience, resulting in purple, the balance between fighting and forgiveness.”

AweHellYo said: “I think he will go green when redeemed. But he’s not there yet.”

Gamewalker-11 added: “I know people are going to think I’m crazy, but I think the colors of Hawk’s Mohawk means something.

“For example, blue might represent loyalty and compassion. I mean, when Hawk started out in Cobra Kai, he was quite humorous, showing devotion to Cobra Kai and his friends.

“But in season 2, when he changes the color to red, Hawk starts acting reckless, selfish, violent, and furious, not that he wasn’t before, but we see him do this more in season 2.”