Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer star on escaping 'trouble' after 'destroying' set

Martin Roberts, 56, revealed he is yet to find himself in BBC bosses bad books when it comes to “destroying” some internal elements of properties on Homes Under The Hammer. As the multiple hosts show viewers around some of the homes that have, in some cases seen better days, they point out what could be improved once they’ve been bought by a willing buyer.

During his weekly Q&A on Twitter, Martin responded to one viewer who asked if he’s ever gotten himself in “trouble” after tearing down something inside a potential property.

“Do you ever get in trouble for the things you destroy in the houses?” they asked.

“It cracks us up when you’re like, ‘Ooh a piece of wallpaper hanging off’ then half the wall falls down.”

Martin replied swiftly, admitting that day is yet to come.

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“Why can’t the estate agents or the property owners or yourselves EVER park outside the house?” they asked curiously.

“They always walk up the road to the houses or is it just a luck thing that there’s no parking available?”

Martin joked: “Yes, but how else could we feature the walk up music?”

The music has become arguably one of the most liked features of the show, where viewers have gone out of their way to applaud the editors for their creativity when it comes to the show’s soundtrack.


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