Stacey Solomon talks ‘dangerous' issue at home as she slams Joe Swash for disturbing her

The former X Factor star revealed she had previously wanted to elope, but has changed her mind after the death of family members last year, including Joe’s beloved nan.

She said on social media: “I used to think I wanted to run away and elope, but after losing family members this year, I could not feel more opposite.

“One of the main reasons we’d love to get married as soon as we can is because there’s special people in our lives that will not be around forever, and I would do anything to share our day with them.’

“Especially knowing already how much we will miss those that can’t be there.”

Stacey went on to say of her “dream” venue: “We are just trying to see if the dates work and if it’s possible and I can’t wait to take you there with us when/if we are allowed.”


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