'Alpha' Prince William undergone 'profound change' during pandemic – body language expert

Prince William, 38, showed his support for NHS workers on Friday by taking part in a video call with staff at a London hospital. A body language expert who analysed the clip for Express.co.uk has claimed the Duke’s mannerisms have altered to suit virtual engagements.

Kensington Palace shared a new clip of William speaking to hospital workers on Friday night.

The tweet read: “We are so thankful for the work of our incredible NHS staff, at such a challenging time.

“Prince William spoke to staff from Homerton University Hospital in London to hear about their experiences in recent weeks, and to offer his thanks for their continued efforts.”

During the video call, Prince William said: “You’re all in my thoughts and Catherine and I, and all the children, talk about all of you guys every day.”

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They added: “Video links also create the illusion of proximity, with the royal and the other people on the call sitting face-to-face and face-monitoring in a much less formal scenario.

“If the workers William is meeting here had been meeting him on a hospital visit it is likely they wouldn’t have found themselves studying his facial and eye expressions in as much detail as they can through the filter of their screens.”

According to Judi, the future king seems more at ease in the absence of “royal flunkies.”

She added: “Nobody is hosting or worrying about protocol and someone like William is not appearing surrounded by security and royal flunkeys.

“As a result, William other royals have produced some evolved body language techniques and William, in particular, seems to have adapted well.

“Speaking to NHS staff here he looks genuinely humble as he tells them how he and Kate are teaching their children about ‘the sacrifices you make’.

“When he does this he performs a powerful ritual with his eyes to suggest his comments are genuine.

“When he tells them the NHS are ‘In my thoughts…’ his eyes move to his left and his blink rate accelerates, suggesting recalled memory and a burst of adrenalin prompted by modesty and emotion.

“As he tells them he and Kate are ‘making sure the children understand…’ his eyes perform an eye arc, moving upwards and down again to suggest inclusive thinking.

“His next step is to go into intense listening mode, which is vital as he hears each person in turn on his screen.”

According to Judi, William’s facial expressions convey real empathy for the people he is speaking to.

She said: “His emphatic mouth clamp gesture signals to them that he is there to listen and learn rather than talk and he purses his lips and frowns slightly to show concern at what he is hearing.

“He also uses a mirroring technique, changing his body language subtly to match the person he is listening to, smiling and laughing with one hospital worker and keeping a more serious face with another.

“William’s nodding is another vital sign of active listening and the pace is important to show empathy.”

source: express.co.uk

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