To anyone who's ever worked on a game wiki: thank you

I donate to Wikipedia every year because it’s probably the site I visit most. I’m there on a daily basis, multiple times per day. Sometimes it’s to answer a question I have about a movie or TV show (Hey, who was that guy who was in that thing, with the thing?) or about history (Hey, who was the guy who did that thing, with the thing, in the past?) and of course sometimes it’s about a game (Hey, what was that game? With the guy? And the thing?).

But while Wikipedia can give me a game’s release date and developer info and a nice overview of the story, individual game wikis are where I go for a deeper dive. And they almost always go extremely deep. Full character histories. A detailed blow-by-blow recounting of the story, main quests, and side quests. An examination of lore and in-game history. Screenshots of everything imaginable. A complete list of weapons, items, locations, and characters—even the most minor ones—all written in amazingly fine detail.


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