What Did These Fuckers Think Was Going to Happen

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After embracing violence for at least the past four years and explicitly encouraging Trump supports to swarm Washington D.C. today, Republican leaders from Ted Cruz to Don Jr. are now wringing their hands that the exact outcome many people predicted has come to pass.

As Trump-loving fascists—sedition, look it up!—stormed the U.S. Capitol, a whole group of Republican enablers belatedly urged for calm. To all of this I say, fuck y’all.

Here’s Don Jr., after proclaiming earlier in the day that the Republican Party was now Donald Trump’s Republican Party:

Here’s Senator Ted Cruz, who actually sent a fundraising email while being evacuated:

And GOP chair Ronna McDaniel:

Shut up, Tom Cotton:

Truly incredible:

Good luck closing the can of worms you opened, Kevin:

I can’t even with this one:

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