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#dehumidifer#heater#airconditionerThese are real rewiews abaut Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular) Full HD Corner-to-Corner Display, 32GB 4G LTE Tablet & Phone (Makes Cal… from customers who has bought this product share their experinces so you can make the best buying desicion I have AT & T sim and it works just fine, voice and data. At first I thought that I got scammed, but before I did a return, I decided to try another AT & T sim.
It went smooth like butta. I still own a 2016, that I love, but this 2019 is definitely an upgrade. The sound is much better. I played music for hours, and it held up well.
Everything else, I did not notice much difference. No tests or anything just going by feel. Then again, i preferred my 2016 Tab A over the iPad Pro (gave that to my 15 month daughter to watch Youtube).
Now I will use this 2019 Tab A and give the 2016 to my other daughter.
I got this device and its amazing ( i am not using this device for heavy gaming ) i am able to load basic apps Netflix, Word Excel + Team viewer to remote into a real PC.
also i installed an IPTV service no problems at all ( its amazing cause its LTE so TV all the time no matter where you are )
I bought this to replace an old Samsung tablet on AT&T, but simply putting in my old sim didnt work. The tablet showed cell signal, but no data. So I took it into the local AT&T store to see what they could do.
It turns out there were 2 problems that we had to work around. First, this tablet thinks it is a cell phone, not a tablet. This wasnt obvious to the AT&T agent, but I remembered the description talked about making phone calls.
So I suggested we try the sim from my cell phone in the tablet, which immediately updated on the AT&T system. They were quite surprised to see a fully functioning dialer on this tablet.
Because of this tablet functioning as a phone, not just a tablet, I had to change my plan from a single line with tablet to 2 phone lines, a change which costs $5/month more than the single line plan + tablet.
Just FYI. The second problem is that after they realized it needs to be activated as a cell phone, they had trouble getting the sim and imei numbers to work together.
They dont know why that is. But what the agent ended up doing to get around this problem was to activate a new sim card with the imei from my old broken phone, and he put that sim in the new tablet.
When he did this, he re-booted the tablet, which immediately showed full 4g LTE service! (The device came brand new, in sealed retail packaging, so I dont see any reason to suspect the imei is “bad”, just that AT&Ts system was having trouble accepting it.
It is an international unlocked device, which may play into it.) But anyway, in the end I have a working tablet.
It is a far better and newer device than old version Tab A which AT&T currently sells (for roughly the same price), and it costs much less than S5e, the mid range Samsung tablet AT&T offers.
The Tab As are my fifth & sixth tablet. I have three old HP tablets converted to Android, one still in service and one used for backup (the third, with an integral cell phone is flakey under Android…).
I have an inexpensive Plum — its death after a fatal drop occasions the Tab A purchase, as well as my wifes need for a better Zoom tool for online teaching.
Having a mobile phone capability is important; if my ISP screws me, or local WiFi is bad to nonexistent (…) its usually possible to find a mobile phone access.
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