Piers Morgan says Trump was turned down by ITV for Life Stories after slamming President

Politicians were forced to evacuate after supporters flooded the building and attempted to reach lawmakers.

Piers and Trump had previously been on good terms but the former has been critical of the US President – most recently being his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

During an appearance on This Morning, Piers said that Trump picked up the phone to call after seeing him on a US TV programme – which he said led to a two and a half-hour long conversation.

“He knows how critical I’ve been about the coronavirus,” Piers said.

“I called him out, and I said you should start refollowing me on Twitter because he unfollowed me when I told him to shut the bleep up about coronavirus… and it all got pretty unpleasant.”

He added: “But he saw me talk about it and he called me up, and you know I still consider him to be a friend, I’ve known him a long time.”


source: express.co.uk

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