Gears 5: Hivebusters Has Some ODST Flavor, and It's the Best Experience Available on Series X Yet

cooperdnizzle25m ago

Weird that the article says it’s the most next gen looking game on both consoles, he must not have a ps5 yet, because this does not look like a next gen game, demon soul, and spider man heck even sack boy have actual next gen features! Demon soul has all real time ray traced lighting engine. Spider man had the same but also has real time ray tracing that is unmatched by any game right now.

I did however think this was the best gears game I have played since part two. I’ll probably beat it again right now. They did some really cool things with the story and setting.

Do I think it looks next gen compared to actual next gen titles, no! It is missing all the features of a next gen game and that is just a fact. It look like a really really polished Xbox one game running on the series x. Can’t wait for unreal 5 engine though. 😃 and the next gears should be graphically mind blowing.


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