A leaked WoW cinematic shows Sylvanas might not be so evil after all

Sylvanas Windrunner is one of World of Warcraft’s biggest villains. Sure, she doesn’t lead an intergalactic army of demons like Sargeras did, but for over a decade she’s continually been up to some shady shit, and more recently she parked her undead keister on the skull-lined throne as the players’ main nemesis. She burned an entire city and most of its inhabitants to the ground, she went nuclear on the once-human capital of Lordaeron, and now she’s abducted most of the leaders of Azeroth and taken them to the afterlife to torture them for god knows what purpose. 

She’s definitely a bad person in desperate need of some justice, but a newly datamined cutscene in WoW: Shadowlands shows that Sylvanas might not be as evil as she pretends to be.

source: gamezpot.com

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