User Review Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0" (2019, WiFi + Cellular) 32GB, 5100mAh Battery, 4G LTE…

Click Link In Description To Buy ! – Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular) 32GB, 5100mAh Battery, 4G LTE Tablet & Phone (Makes Calls) GSM Unlocked …

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular) 32GB, 5100mAh Battery, 4G LTE Tablet & Phone (Makes Calls) GSM Unlocked …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0″ (2019, WiFi + Cellular) 32GB, 5100mAh Battery, 4G LTE Tablet & Phone (Makes Calls) GSM Unlocked …

after the assistance from Seller on how to set up the tablet to cellular – it works as we hoped it would – Seller respond was quick and helpful.
I bought this tablet for my birthday. My laptop has a sensitive screen and I didnt want to carry it at school every day. I needed something way smaller.
It works perfectly,makes perfect pictures. Only one thing is that it works as cell phone. What I mean is just like you cant access to everything with your phone for certain site its the same thing.
Otherwise I will ten stars if a could.
Yes its bulky, but it was my choice. You can do more on this display than on regular mobile phone. I pare it with the smart watch and I dont have to carry it all the time.
For instance it can stay in the car when Im at the store and I will not miss text or call. I give up my Galaxy note 9 and Im not sorry about it. And the price is good too.
Love it so far. Easy to use and love the size.
I received this item last week. It came in a sealed box, in brand new condition. Everything I had on an older Galaxy phone moved flawlessly. I had no issues with the SIM card I moved from the old phone (Consumer Cellular). So far, so good. No issues whatsover!
Love the Galaxy Tab A. For the price it is a very good tablet. Perfect size and is pretty fast for the price. Its a budget unit but works much better than what I would expect for a budget unit.
Pretty smooth operation. Run netflix, streaming, reading, wifi and sim card data without issues. In addition to wifi, I also use a google fi data only sim which runs off a Tmobile carrier for data.
Works without problems.
CANNOT BE USED AS A PHONE WITH ATT. Dont get me wrong, its a great tablet and might work as a phone with another company.
But after 3 days and an unbelievable circus with ATT I have proven you can move your phone sim card over and use the tablet as a phone but only till ATT forces you to register your new device.
ATT throws a software switch which makes it impossiblr to use your tablet as a phone thru an ATT line.
What ATT wants is for you to buy a sim card for your tablet and pay $10 a month for the second line to piggyback your tablet off your phone thru an unreliable software called NumberSync.
I say unreliable because I actually tried it and not even ATT could get it working. Whats worse, I needed to go down to less devices not add more and to be able to SEE!
My family overseas use tablets for phones and have no problems on 4 continents. I am back to a phone I cant read. Thinking about cancelling ATT altogether and going with TALKATONE on my tablet- doesnt even need a sim card!
And every ATT operative asking me to read numbers off sim cards on every phone call despite my explaining I cant see!
My only complaint: it does not work well with the memory card. For the most part, this only uses the built-in memory.
The Galaxy Tab is all that I wanted for my daughter; it is exactly what I had envisage when I planned on buying a tab for her.
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