Most expensive streets of the decade by region – including road where houses sell for £36M

West Midlands

The most expensive streets in the West Midlands are houses in Woodbourne Road in Harborne and Ladywood Road in Sutton Coldfield.

Homes sell on average for £1.8million in both these streets, making them highly south-after.

Meanwhile, Rookery Lane in Lincolnshire’s Lowsonford average for £1.7million.

East Midlands

Benscliffe Road in Leicester saw houses sell for an average of £2.8million.

The second most expensive street in Leicester is The Ridgeway where houses sold for £1.7million.

East Anglia

Unsurprisingly, Cambridge dominated the list in the East Midlands.

Latham Road and Chaucer Road in Newtown each topped the list with an average sold price of £3.7million and £3.6million.