Looking ahead to 2021

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This year was a tumultuous one on the climate front. It started with huge wildfires in Australia and ended with historic blazes in California. Over the course of the year, communities around the world were left reeling from extreme heat, record storms and rising seas.

It was also something of a turning point: For many, it brought home the realization that the effects of climate change are not decades away. They are already here.

Combine that broad shift with a new presidential administration in the United States and a new round of international climate negotiations, and you have the makings of potentially crucial year ahead.

New Year’s resolutions often err on the side of the personal: Get to the gym, read more books, learn something new.

But what if we all resolved to do something bigger, something for the planet? At the beginning of December we asked you to tell us what you’ll be doing differently in 2021 — your own personal climate pledges. We got so many great responses that we decided to compile them in this article. Take a look — you may see your climate resolution in there. And if not, maybe you’ll find some inspiration.

Have a great New Year, and thank you for subscribing and reading! See you next week!

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source: nytimes.com