Chrissy Teigen Hosts Surprise Math Competition for John Legend's 42nd Birthday

John Legend is an award-winning singer, producer…and mathlete?

The star celebrated his 42nd birthday on Dec. 28th with a sixth-grade math competition. Chrissy Teigen hosted the event and gave Legend and his opponent, cinematographer pal Mike Rosenthal, a 40-question test that brought them back to their middle school days. In fact, the 35-year-old cookbook author documented the mini math bowl and turned it into a pretend game show for her social media followers.

“For John’s birthday, we created the ultimate math-off competition,” Teigen, dressed in a sparkly gown, explained on Instagram. “John and Mike love doing math.” 

From simplifying algebraic expressions to solving addition word problems, the competitors covered it all. There were even bonus questions for extra points. However, the players didn’t exactly ace the exam with ease.

“All the fractions and the exponents, I do not remember how to treat them,” Legend—who sported a bow tie, suspenders and taped-up glasses for the occasion—admitted.