PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best headset of 2020?

Much like a lot of PC gaming hardware in 2020, options for gaming headsets were endless. We’ve seen big names in the audio space like JBL, Creative, and even Audeze start making their own version of the gaming headset. The nominees for the best gaming headsets this year are all familiar names because they have the features gamers care about the most while making comfortable and durable headsets for long play sessions. 

All of all the headsets we tested throughout the year, it’s maybe a surprise that the three we’ve chosen are all under $200. We’ve had our hands on a couple of magnetic planar gaming headsets that sound out of this world, but the lack of gaming features and exuberate pricing made them hard to recommend at over $400. We also felt the same about 3D audio, a neat feature that really doesn’t add much to your overall gaming experience except cost. 

source: gamezpot.com