NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a PC Gamer, folks

Good morning. The latest celebrity to be revealed as a PC Gamer is probably not one you’d expect, but also definitely one you’d expect. Famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is a PC Gamer. “This hobby started back in the mid 90s,” he said in a tweet, “I learned over the years how to upgrade hardware. I’d never built my own PC though.” Dale Jr. has now built a PC. Congrats, Dale.

You might be surprised, but you probably shouldn’t be. It makes sense that a person interested in the fine-tuning of a racing car would like to use an equally customized rig for gaming. Earnhardt Jr. said as much in his followup tweets, noting that IT work is a “fun profession IMO,” as “Chasing technical problems and helping others with their own systems is something I enjoy.”