Where is Black Narcissus filmed? Where is Black Narcissus set?

She said compared to London, this place was “untouched” and described it as “purity”.

Bryson added it was then she had her own epiphany, saying: “That was when I went, ‘Good morning, Sister Philippa.’ That was the moment I went, ‘I’m lucky enough to experience that.’ I tried to put it into the work.”

Filming started in October 2019 with filming lasting for several months and the cast and crew spending a couple of weeks in Nepal.

The shoot for Black Narcissus wrapped in December 2019, meaning the production was unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Internal shooting saw Black Narcissus going to Pinewood Studios much like its movie predecessor.

Bryson admitted it was her first time working at the legendary Pinewood Studios. She said: “I was in awe because the sets were immaculate.”

Black Narcissus airs on BBC One on Sunday, December 27 at 9pm

source: express.co.uk