The best games of 2020 that you probably didn't play

A frankly absurd number of games were released on PC this year, to the point where it was almost impossible to keep track of them all. But don’t worry: I’m here to help. Below you’ll find a selection of interesting games that slipped under the radar. If you’ve played all the year’s big hitters and want to try something a bit different, give the following games a shot.

The Flower Collectors
Mi’pu’mi Games / Link
A smart, politically charged mystery set in 1970s Barcelona, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie Rear Window.

Joshua Roland / Link
A deeply strange, genuinely unsettling game about a very real kind of horror, presented like a Seinfeld episode from Hell.

Alpine adventure

Over the Alps
Stave Studios / Link
A beautifully presented spy game with a twisting, suspenseful narrative that your choices can dramatically alter.

Beyond a Steel Sky
Revolution Software / Link
The latest from Broken Sword creator Revolution Software, this is a fun, quirky sci-fi story with a vivid cast of characters.

Corpsepile / Link
An experimental horror game that’s like a very weird Groundhog Day, built around the minutiae of everyday life.

The Anything Gallery
Jan Malitschek / Link
Type any word into this experimental game and it’ll pull images from Google to generate an explorable 3D art gallery.

Droppin’ blocks

Davemakes / Link
This stylish, addictive block puzzler has a slanted board, letting you split blocks apart to create combos. Great music too.

Defective Holiday
Kim Laughton / Link
A bizarre collection of loosely vacation-themed explorable vignettes, with striking imagery and slightly sinister undertones.

Breogán Hackett / Link
An atmospheric, sensitively written, and quietly unnerving first-person horror game set on a beautifully bleak stretch of coast.

Christopher Lee / Link
A beautiful film noir-inspired adventure game set in a city where time is a currency—and if you run out of it, you die.

Virtual photography

Umurangi Generation
Origame Digital / Link
An incredibly stylish first-person photography sim with a punky, dystopian lo-fi aesthetic, influenced by Māori culture.

Under a Star Called Sun
Cecile Richard / Link
An imaginative and considered science fiction story created with game maker Bitsy that packs a real emotional punch.

The Red Lantern
Timberline Studio / Link
A rogue-lite narrative adventure set in the Alaskan bush, this frozen wilderness is as dangerous as it is beautiful.

Neon Cyborg Cat Club
Myshkin Entertainment / Link
This clever thing features robot cats who frolic around an atmospheric Blade Runner world generating ambient music.