James Martin speaks out as major gaffe and apology revisited by ITV 'Phone's gone nuts!'

James Martin’s day seemingly took a turn for the worse thanks to a Christmas special. The presenter took to Twitter after Chefs’ Burnt Bits aired on ITV.

The programme saw famous cooks watch back and remember those moments where it all had gone horribly wrong on telly.

He himself contributed to the programme, however it had left his phone going “nuts” behind the scenes.

The 48-year-old revealed all in view of his 696,000 Twitter followers, as he also lamented the UK’s current coronavirus measures.

The small screen favourite explained how he lived in tier 4, while his restaurant was in tier 2 – with the two having very different rules.

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“Sorry about that! Delicious looking dish from Rick there,” he corrected himself. Adding: “I do apologise for that.”

Speaking in the film, James stated that the moment had gone “viral instantly”, branding the situtaion “mental”.

He recalled: “The phone went mad and then all of suddden, the mobile phone I would normally switch off underneath, buzzed.”

Not only did James mix up his words but he also forgot to turn his phone on silent.

“It was Rick Stein saying, ‘Thank you for the ultimate compliment’,” he stated. “Think he was in Australia – it went that fast globally.

“So thanks for that. Thanks for reminding me of that one.”

Gino also quipped over what happened: “That just shows you. Everyone thinks, nice guy from Yorkshire – everybody loves.

“Filthy minds! Bad James Martin, that is bad James Martin. Love him thought – he’s the best.”

Later in the show, a second, much more recent blunder from three weeks ago was revisited.

This time he was seen on This Morning when the contents of his blender were scattered all around the studio.

He added: “If you are using a machine, set it up yourself, double check it, double check it again and double check it again.”

source: express.co.uk