Tipping Point: Death in Paradise's Nina Wadia threatens to walk off after Ben swipe

Alongside comedian Joe Pasquale and TV chef Rustie Lee, Death in Paradise star Nina took to the Tipping Point podium for a one-off Christmas special of the ITV quiz show. Ben Shephard kept his spot as host on the show as he provided the questions and helped guide the celebs in their battle against the famous machine. However, after Rustie was sent packing first, Nina almost followed in her footsteps following a rather awkward joke by Ben.

With just £400 in her prize fund against Nina’s £900 and Joe’s £2,900, Rustie received a round of applause as she bid farewell.

“So, as things stand,” Ben explained. “Joe is way out in the lead with £2,900.

“Nina has £900,” he added, before taking the conversation down a rather tongue-in-cheek route.

“I think it’s fair to say, Nina, your sack is a little empty.”

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“Your sack is a little empty ooo er Ben #TippingPoint,” one fan cheekily commented on Twitter.

While a second sent her supportive words to Nina: “Genuinely feeling bad for @Nina_Wadia on tonight’s #tippingpoint – got so many questions right but that machine just wasn’t lucky for you.”

This is because she missed out on a spot in the final round to Joe who romped through and was branded this evening’s winner.

Joe was presented with a final six categories to choose from and answer an array of questions in order to win the jackpot prize.

source: express.co.uk