Anton du Beke told to ‘leave the house’ by wife due to 'horrific' attitude after Strictly

Anton du Beke, 54, has revealed he can be a “nightmare” at home when he’s not keeping busy with touring and Strictly Come Dancing. The professional dancer recently finished filming this year’s series of the BBC dance show and has been left twiddling his thumbs due to the coronavirus lockdown.

As a result of his boredom, Anton admitted his wife Hannah Summers told him to “leave the house” they share with their three-year-old twins George and Henrietta and find something to occupy his time.

Speaking about how he can have a “horrific” attitude when he’s got nothing to do, Anton said: “I am very fortunate, I have a job, I don’t want to call it a job, I do what I love to do, I’m able to do that as my job.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else and I love it so much because I get so much joy out of it and if I’m not doing it, I’m a nightmare, horrific, horrific!

“Like now, I’m out of Strictly Come Dancing and we’re in lockdown so I can’t do anything and I’m sitting around.”

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He continued: “My wife says, ‘You’ve got to leave the house, go to the supermarket or something!’

“‘What do you mean go to the supermarket?’,” Anton exclaimed, revealing his less than impressed reaction to his wife’s suggestion.

In spite of his current struggles with boredom, Anton went on to admit he works so hard because he dreams of performing with his children.

The star added: “I do that with the children in mind because I want more than anything else at some stage to be on stage with my children doing a song.


“For a man, you look on… but for a woman, it affects the quality of your life to a degree, because it comes in three parts.

“The excruciating pain, the swelling of having it – that makes you look like you’re pregnant – which is sort of perverse.”

He continued: “And of course it stops you from becoming, in many cases, pregnant.”

The Strictly star added: “As a man, there’s nothing you can do, all I can do is support and empathise and do whatever I can do.