Jeremy Clarkson talks Prince Andrew's 'problem' as he addresses claims against royal

Prince Andrew has also claimed he has no recollection of ever meeting Virginia.

It’s since been alleged that Andrew had booked in for a home manicure at the time Beatrice would have had to have been in Woking to attend a matinee at the New Victoria Theatre, which is listed in an unearthed family diary.

Jeremy added: “I’m sorry? A what? I’ve looked it up and it turns out that a manicure is a process where someone softens the skin on your hands before shaping your nails and removing your ‘cuticles’.

“You then pay them for this.

“It’s strange, but I’m now 60 years old and never once in my entire life have I thought, ‘Right. I’ve got a bit of spare time today, so I shall ask a young lady to come round and reorganise my hands’.”