Five Below has $10 PC gaming accessories now and we tried them all heres the verdict

RevXM1h ago

Oh my lord.
The mouse pad and headphone stand are probably decent and useable.
the rest belongs in the bin.

They keyboard looks slow and mushy af. its garbage.

The mic… uuugh A generic bundled in china lavelier mic is gonna sound as good or better and not be tethered to a goudy impractical rainbow desk stand.

cheapo mices are hit and miss as far as usability. but still no from me.

Ditch those horrendeus speakers, and ditch that horrendeus headset.
Go for a cheap-ish lavelier mic and koss KPH30i if you are on a real budget.
Total would be like 20-40 bucks and KPH30i’s despite being a generic looking tiny budget 11-20usd koss on ear headphone sounds better than the vast majority of all gaming headsets, even like 100 dollar ones. and you can get it in a tasteful grey instead of BEIGE if you buy on

KPH30i’s are more expensive in EU though. probably more like 30-40 a pop, still vastly superior to most in a vast sea of gaming headset so theres that..