The Quake Xmas Jam 2020 is a slay ride across 19 new levels

Is there anything more festive than blasting an array of thematically-disconnected videogame bad guys in the face while Winter Wonderland gently drifts through the background like a December snowfall? If your answer to this obviously-loaded question is “yes,” then allow me to direct your attention to the Quake Xmas Jam 2020, a collection of 19 new maps from 19 creators that’s just in time for the holidays.

The maps were developed for a month-long “mapping jam” using the big Arcane Dimensions mod that began on November 12 and ran until December 13. Themes were dealer’s choice, but gameplay boundaries had to be confined to 1024x1024x1024, meaning the maps themselves are relatively small. They’re accessible via a holiday-themed start map that, in standard Quake style (but with a bit more horsing around) enables you to select your difficulty level (including Nightmare) before riding an elevator to the map selection area.