Dax Shepard Reflects on His 2020 Relapse and What "Saved" His Life

Meanwhile, Padman was thankful to be included. “I feel really grateful and honored that you felt you could trust me,” she told him. “I feel grateful that I was allowed in to the inner circle.”

Despite the immense challenges he faced this year, Shepard doesn’t have hard feelings about 2020. “I feel guilty saying this, but I still loved this year immensely,” he said. “I loved this year. I had a great year.”

However, Bell was quick to point out that they’ve also been very fortunate in the midst of a year riddled with loss and struggle for most people. “I think we’re very lucky to say that,” she added, “because we’re not out of work and we’re not looking at eviction and we’re not struggling to put food on the table.”

Still, Shepard was able to reflect on his personal battles with positivity. “I’m saying though even with two surgeries and a relapse and shame spiral and all this stuff,” he listed off, “still a great year for me.”

source: eonline.com