Google Maps: Viewers baffled by bizarre cruise ship in USA – what happened to it?

Google Maps helps users check out places they’d never be able to access in real life. It can also throw up some bizarre spectacles. One photo of a cruise ship has had viewers scratching their heads.

The cruise ship looks very odd.

It looks nothing like a normal cruise ship.

Vessels are supposed to have a bow at the front and a stern at the back.

But this ship appears to have two bows.


This makes no sense at all.

The Reddit user who posted the snap captioned it: “Double-ended cruise ship in Charleston, South Carolina.”

So what is really happening here?

Is this a unique type of cruise ship or is there more going on here?

However, moving objects often ruin the scene as they shift when the photos are taken.

Reddit users commented on the snap.

“I wanna go on that,” one said.

Another was not such a fan of cruising, writing: “Public pools, buffets, malls, gyms, unattended children, a casino with horrendous odds, exhausted staff, AND you can’t leave for days at a time? Hard pass.”