Trump raised firing Barr in White House meeting on Friday

A person familiar with the matter told CNN that Trump was furious in the meeting with advisers at the White House that Barr had worked to keep the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s taxes from becoming public before the November election.

Trump was also upset at reports Barr was considering departing the administration before January 20, believing the leaks to be self-serving.
Trump told officials he is serious about replacing Barr, but whether he actually goes ahead with the move remains in question. He has been encouraged by advisers over the past several months not to do so.

Trump spent Saturday morning issuing angry tweets about his attorney general. But Trump spent the better part of a year fuming about Barr’s predecessor, Jeff Sessions, before firing him, so it’s far from clear whether his anger will manifest in an immediate dismissal.

This story is breaking and will be updated.