All Your Murder on Middle Beach Questions Answered: Will There Be a Season 2?

Four episodes, 10 years, 200 filming days and thousands of hours of footage later, one question still remains: Who murdered Barbara Hamburg?

But for Madison Hamburg, when he set out to discover who killed his mother on March 3, 2010, there was one other mystery he wanted to solve: Who was Barbara Hamburg?

Murder on Middle Beach ended its four episode run on Sunday night, bringing Madison’s eight-year investigation to an end—but also a new beginning, both for the filmmaker as a family member who’s experienced this kind of tragedy, and for the investigation, after a major breakthrough in the case.

Just 18 years old when Barbara was murdered, Madison told E! News his documentary is less of a whodunnit and more of an exploration into Barbara the person, not just the parent, and the “conflicts within her life.” 

Those conflicts, as well as Madison’s family secrets, are exposed and explored throughout Murder on Middle Beach, along with his ongoing investigation into the still-unsolved slaying. 

But will Madison continue to document his search for his mother’s killer? And how did his family members—including his estranged father—react to the docuseries?