Rebel Wilson 'inspires' fans with 'amazing' new look after 4.4 stone weight loss

Rebel Wilson parted a new photograph to Instagram on Saturday leaving fans amazed at her transformation. Viewers applauded her weight loss journey, with many eager to find out how she did it.

A second said: “If you write a book on your wellness journey I will buy it!

“You look amazing and must feel even better.”

Another added: “You look great!! I know you worked hard!”

The Bridesmaids star embarked on what she described as a “year of health” in 2020.

Previously, in an Instagram Live video, the actress said she felt she had not treated her body with “love and respect” in the past.

Earlier in the year, she set herself a target of reaching 11.8 stone or 75kg in body weight.

However, she said the journey was also about developing “self love”.

Her weight loss has also been focussed on boosting her health for “fertility” reasons.

She told her 9.3 million followers: “I was thinking about fertility and having good quality eggs in the bank, so I was like, ‘OK, I’m going to do this. I’m going to get healthy.'”

In order to achieve her 4.4 stone weight loss, Rebel began a “professional detox”.

She explained that most of her transformation happened during a stay at Austria’s VivaMayr wellness centre.

There she embarked on healthier eating, as well as a more rigorous exercise regime.

According to the Pitch Perfect star, she has been eating under 1,500 calories a day.

“Nutritionally, the only thing is I do try to stay under 1,500 calories because of my body type,” she said.

“If want to lose weight in that week, I kind of have to stay under the 1,500 each day.”