Hell Let Loose adds supply trucks and bullet penetration to its very pretty WW2

Hell Let Loose, a gorgeous and quite fun World War 2 shooter, has released its latest update this week. Update 8, code-named “The Red Ball Express,” has overhauled the support and engineer roles with the addition of trucks. Specifically, supply and transport trucks. Support soldiers can now use their trucks to deliver large batches of supplies and/or large groups of soldiers to the front, and those supplies can then be used by engineers to build lots of super-tough fortifications.

Additionally, engineers now have satchel to blow up the other side’s super-tough fortifications. That’ll teach me to use the word super-tough in a news article. The game’s oldest map, Hurtgen forest, has also been totally overhauled. You can read the whole update on Steam.

source: gamezpot.com