Linda and Denise Nolan talk sister Coleen’s health dilemma amid cancer news ‘It's a worry'

Recalling her experience with getting the jab, Denise added: “I got a letter from my GP and they gave me the date and time and there was a queue.

“As you approached, you had the hand gel thing, everybody was two metres from each other, you went in one way and out the other way.”

Denise also pointed out she didn’t find the process painful at all, revealing: “Trust me, you cannot feel it at all and we realise that people are frightened going to hospitals and GPs and walk-in centres at the moment but if you think about it, they are the safest place to be because they have to be. 

“Everything gets doubly checked and they have social distancing and hand gel.”

To find out  if you’re eligible for the free flu vaccine, contact your local GP or pharmacist, or visit: