Emma Corrin height: How tall is The Crown's Princess Diana actress?

According to actress Corrin’s IMDb profile, she is 5ft 8inches tall, which is the equivalent of 1.73m.

She is a little shorter than the real Diana, Princess of Wales, who was understood to be between 5ft 8 inches and 5ft 10inches tall.

Fans have been obsessing over the heights of the cast as they have been comparing the statures to those of the real-life public figures.

For example, John Lithgow, who played Winston Churchill in the earlier seasons, was praised for his excellent portrayal of the Prime Minister despite being almost a foot taller than the real Churchill.

Despite the slight height difference between the real Diana and Corrin’s character, fans could not believe the resemblance between the two.

Corrin had said it felt like there had been a “presence in the room” when she was portraying the national treasure.

source: express.co.uk