Louise Redknapp speaks out on co-parenting with ex Jamie Redknapp: 'Declined that offer'

“In my birthday card this year, my son just said, ‘We are so proud of you and what you’ve achieved and you inspire us every day mum to be what we want to be.’”

Sharing her tearful reaction to Charley’s kind words, Louise continued: “So that is what my 16-year-old wrote in my birthday card.

“Not how embarrassed he is of me, or how he hates me wearing a crop top or a leotard, but how I inspire him to always believe in himself and to be the person he wants to be. 

“So it did make me really cry as you can imagine, reading the birthday card, but I think that meant the world to me and obviously I would never do anything to embarrass my children.”

source: express.co.uk