How to get rid of visceral fat: Aerobic exercises you can do indoors

Aerobic exercise increases your heart rate; breathing quickens when you’re taking aim at belly fat (i.e. visceral fat). Which movements can you do in your home?

A person’s waistline can grow by inches as visceral fat pushes out against the abdominal wall, confirmed Harvard Medical School.

Not only can visceral fat make you appear wider, it has long-term health consequences.

Visceral fat cells are “biologically active” as they create cytokines, which trigger inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is a significant risk factor for disease, including heart disease.

Moreover, visceral fat secretes retinol-binding protein 4 (RBP4) – a molecule that increases insulin resistance.

In other words, high visceral fat levels can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.

As well as an increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, large amounts of visceral fat have been linked to high blood pressure.

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Healthline continued: “Then jog or march in place for one minute for your active rest.”

This is known as a circuit, and it’s recommended to repeat the circuit two to three times.

A rest period of five minutes is encouraged in between each circuit set. Cooling down is needed following the end of the workout.

This requires light stretching, which helps prevent muscle cramps and dizziness.

How can I measure my visceral fat levels?

Harvard Medical School noted: “A tape measure is your best home option for keeping tabs on visceral fat.”

Place the tape measure horizontally in line with the navel and wrap it around your body.

While relaxed, and the tape measure is resting gently on your navel, take your measurement.

A circumference measurement of 35 inches or larger is considered a sign of excess visceral fat.

Another telling sign is if you notice your trousers feeling snug at the waist.

It’s recommended to engage in “at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity most days”.

The easiest way to meet this quota is to engage in a daily brisk walk or cycling.

These activities are outdoor activities, but even walking around the home while your on the phone could help reduce levels of visceral fat.