Archaeology: 'Greatest manuscript discovery' proves Bible IS God's Word, claims expert

Professor Meyer said: “Before the discovery of the Isaiah Scroll, which dates to shortly before the time of Jesus Christ, about 100 to 150 BC, the oldest known copy of the book of Isaiah dated to around 1,000 AD.

“When the Great Isaiah Scroll is compared to its counterpart in the Allepo Codex, there is little to no difference; they are virtually the same.

“The few textual variants that do exist aren’t even theological, but instead grammatical in nature.

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“It is evident by comparing these documents from over 1,000 years apart that the Jewish scribes took great care in faithfully transmitting the Biblical record.

“As archaeology has demonstrated, the Hebrew Bible, on which modern translations of the Bible are based, hasn’t changed. God really has preserved his Word.”

There are, however, some differences between the Qumran scroll and latter iteration of the Book of Isaiah.

For instance, the ancient manuscript appears to miss parts of verses nine and 10 in its second chapter.