30,000 commuters may have their car seized after Brexit in just five weeks

In a statement online, the ABI said: “The Green Card is an international certificate of insurance proving visiting motorists have the minimum compulsory motor insurance cover required by the law of the country visited.

“All European Economic Area (EEA) countries (EU countries, and Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) are part of a Green Card free circulation area, meaning that motorists based there do not have to carry Green Cards when visiting other countries in the area.

“However, when the transition period ends then UK motorists will be required to carry Green Cards for driving in the Republic and other EU states, unless the European Commission agrees that the UK can remain in the Green Card scheme.

“Motor insurers have been preparing for the end of the transition period and will be able to issue Green Cards in time for your trip.

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source: express.co.uk