Line of Duty season 6: Leaked ‘scenes’ could jeopardise BBC show's epic finale

Line of Duty fans rejoiced when show boss Jed Mercurio announced season six was in production. The cast and crew wrapped up filming earlier this month and now it is the turn of the editing crew to do their thing and put the show together. But, it seems all their hard work could be undone as details over the “big final scenes” have slipped through the net. 

Filming is in the final stages,” an unnamed source said. 

“Some of the cast have already wrapped up but a few of the main scenes are yet to be finished.

“It should all be done in the next few days – end of the month at the latest.

“Earlier this week, one of the big final scenes was filmed at night at Straid Dam near Carrickfergus,” the continued. 

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“So, series three was commissioned with a series of four already in the bag, which meant we knew that series three didn’t have to be the last and we’ve carried on that way really up until series six, where we always knew there was the possibility that of another series.

“And that’s become increasingly important because of the meta-narrative, the overall arc where there are so many loose ends, what we don’t want to do is have a loyal audience left hanging and frustrated because the series doesn’t get re-commissioned and there are lots of unanswered questions, which we’ve never had the opportunity to address,” Jed told Mark Billingham on the Albi podcast, A Stab in the Dark. 

Usually, Line of Duty takes a two-year hiatus before returning to the small screen.