Daria Nicolodi dead: Deep Red and Inferno star dies aged 70 'Won't have to suffer anymore'

Daria Nicolodi’s death was confirmed by her daughter Asia Argento. The cause of the Italian actress’ death has not been disclosed.

Fellow actress Asia Argento penned a heartbreaking tribute to her late mother.

She wrote: “Rest in peace beloved mother.

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“Now you can fly free with your great spirit and you won’t have to suffer anymore.

“I will try to go on for your beloved grandchildren and especially for you who would never want to see me so grieved.”

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Asia added: “Even if without you I miss the ground under my feet, and I feel I have lost my true point of reference.

“I am close to all those who have known and loved her. I will always be your Asia, Daria.”

Tributes have been pouring in for the performer, as many people took to social media and offered their condolences.

One person penned: “Rip Daria Nicolodi. Fabulous writer and performer. You gave us so many gifts. This hurts my heart.”

“RIP Daria Nicolodi. She was an absolute queen. A legend. I’m speechless right now,” another person commented.

A third person penned: “RIP Daria Nicolodi – an amazing actress and writer and true gift to the horror genre.”

While a fourth person added: “Devastated by the news of Daria Nicolodi’s death. Not only an iconic and much-loved actress in some of my favourite films, but also instrumental in the creation of Suspiria and Inferno. We’ll never forget you! Rest in peace.”

Daria was born in Florence in 1950, her career spanning decades and boasting nearly 40 acting credits.

The actress has starred in cult classics such as Deep Red and Inferno, and co-wrote Suspiria.

Many of the films in which Daria appeared were directed by Asia’s father, Daria Argento.

They included Deep Red and Inferno, as well as Tenebrae, Phemomena and Opera.

Her relationship with Dario came to an end in the mid-80s, but she starred in another one of his films, The Mother of Tears, alongside Asia.

source: express.co.uk