Best Black Friday 2020 deals on e-bikes and electric scooters

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With the holidays fast approaching, one of the most practical — and fun — gifts you could get someone is an electric bicycle or scooter. There’s no better way to get around and social distance at the same time. They’re also great for the environment. Here are some of the best deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many of which have made our best e-bike and electric scooter lists. We’ll update this list with more deals as we spot them. 

Joseph Kaminski

The Scrambler line has always been a favorite. The original, the new HyperScrambler 2 with dual 52-volt batteries, the HyperScorpion and the rest of its line will be on sale until Nov. 26.

Sarah Tew/CNET

One of the first electric scooters we tested this year was the Apollo Pro. Since then, the Apollo line of scooters has grown and ten of them are on sale right now. There’s the casual $649 Apollo Light (save $100) and the top-of-the-line, super fast, 60 mph $3,299 Apollo Ultra (save $300). The sale goes from now through Cyber Monday or while stock lasts. I’m currently testing the Apollo Ghost and I can assure you it’s a great hybrid scooter.

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Rad Power Bikes offers some of the most affordable, customizable and reliable e-bikes on the market and currently has a sale on the CNET favorite Rad Runner along with other deals. Prices are reduced now through Nov. 30. 

Joseph Kaminski

We’re currently working on a best cargo bike list and the Bunch Bike Original 2020 electric edition is going to make it on that list. This bike has more space than a traditional car trunk, which was great for shopping but it can also seat four children safely with seatbelts. They also have sales on the Preschool, K9, and Coupe Cargo bikes. 

If you’ve never jumped on a Onewheel then you’re missing out. It’s a great product, made in the US, and it has a few Black Friday deals, including the XR priced at $1,624 ($175 off) and Onewheel Pint at $875 after a $75 discount. If you purchase two or more boards, each is an additional $25 off, so two boards are $50 off, three boards are $75 off and so on, and all accessories are 25% off. There are bundles available, too, that are up to $375 off. All deals run through Nov. 30.

Joseph Kaminski

What’s nice about the Veo Astro Go scooter is its solid build quality and integrated rear signal lights — bright enough to be seen any time of day — and its reasonable price. And that price will be even better through Nov. 30. 

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One of our favorite puncture-proof scooters is the Widewheel Pro. It’s on sale from now until Dec. 1, or while supplies last, along with a few other models: the Horizon ($150 off), Cityrider ($150 off), Mantis 10 ($200 off), and Inokim Quick 4 ($400 off) at Fluid Freeride.


It may not be the most current model, but the VanMoof S2 can still get you there in style. There’s a limited supply of older stock right now at the VanMoof outlet at 60% off.


We are currently testing the Turboant X7 Pro. So far, it has proven to be a decent last-mile scooter, great for running errands. The X7 Pro and the Turboant X7 ($419) are currently on sale, which makes it a good entry-level rideable. 


Meet Ridepanda: Part Geek Squad, part Apple Care service with some of its own secret sauce for electric rideable buyers. Ridepanda’s service will not only guide users through the purchase process of a new e-bike, e-scooter or moped, but also has options for at-home bike assembly, repairs, maintenance, theft insurance, extended warranties, payment plans and product upgrades. Each service can be purchased a la carte. The $50 off applies to all products and services $500 and up.