'Tired-looking' Camilla Duchess of Cornwall seems wary of 'negative feedback' in new video

An expert has suggested the new season may have brought back difficult memories for the Duchess who appears anxious in her latest virtual appearance.

Body language expert and author Judi James analysed the clip for Express.co.uk and shared her findings.

Judi said: “This very important message about the crucial issue of violence against women must deserve a more spirited and inspirational delivery than the monotone, tired and sadly rather bored-looking tone that Camilla takes here.

“Camilla is not a confident performer, which can often show in her anxious hand gestures or her rather nervous smiles, but by sitting still with her eyes scanning the script that is clearly running at the top of her screen, meaning she never connects with her audience with any eye-contact here, she depersonalizes her message and applies no congruent emotional emphasis.”

source: express.co.uk