Google Maps: David Bowie sighted in swimming pool at $3m luxury property in US

Google Maps helps users explore locations across the globe from both street level and from an aerial view. These images can sometimes throw up some weird and wonderful finds. One Google user from Washington State, USA was left perplexed by a bizarre sight in a property near where they live.

From the depths of the pool, the face of David Bowie’s famous alter ego Ziggy Stardust stares up.

The character boasts Bowie’s iconic coloured lightning bolt across his right eye and is wearing a spacesuit.

So what is the late musician doing in this American swimming pool?

It would seem that the owners of the property are big Bowie fans.


The image of Ziggy appears to be emblazoned on the pool’s tiles, hence the fascinating aerial view.

“Looking at big houses around where I live, stumbled across starman (Bowie) in a pool. Likely tiles,” the Reddit user who shared the snap captioned it.

Fellow Redditors were quick to respond to the photo.

“That is a very cool find,” one wrote.

Property website states: “Only second time on the market in 50 years, this mid-century masterpiece is patiently waiting for its next steward.

“Architecturally designed in 1971 for the founder of K2, this spectacular waterfront home exudes approachable luxury. 5500 sf main residence, 1700 sf guest home, expansive private grounds, boat launch, nearly 300 ft of low bank frontage oriented to capture dramatic views of Mt Rainier and the beauty of Puget Sound.

“The height of compound living in the Pacific Northwest.”

Interestingly, although the unique pool is shown in the estate agent photos, there appears to be no other reference to it.