User Review: Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for LG G8 ThinQ Case (2019) – Crystal Clear – Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for LG G8 ThinQ Case (2019) – Crystal Clear

Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for LG G8 ThinQ Case (2019) – Crystal Clear

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A well made case for my LG G8 ThinQ. It is quite slim, not as slim as I would have like but excellent nonetheless. Ive used SPIGEN case before on my iPhones and it has held up quite well.
I am expecting the same on this as it feels the same as my iPhone version.
Mine 11 year old grandbaby held my g8 so much that when I asked her what case or skin you want for your g8 she wanted “what you got poppa”. This skin shows off your phones features while still providing great protection.
There are cheaper options out there, but I tried them and after falls from 36-40″ this product protects well enough accompanied by a good 9H screen guard to maintain small form factor and usability that is unavailible with full case products.
Great value and price, highly recommend. TNX
We have all seen or purchased dozens of clear plastic cases for our cellphones of the years, but this one is superior in every way. The feel and appearance takes “see-through case” to a new level. It has the feel of a transparent ceramic skin.
UPDATE: The ad says its compatible with wireless charging but not with my wireless charger. My LG G8 charges wirelessly without the case but as soon as I put the case back on my phone, nothing.
Disappointing. Gotta change my score down to 3 from 5 stars. Sorry Spigen, this case went from Hero to has been. Perfect fit, even with a tempered glass screen protector.
Buttons function as if no case were present. Cut outs for USB and 3.5mm headphone jack are perfectly placed and allow for easy access.
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Spigen Liquid Crystal Designed for LG G8 ThinQ Case (2019) – Crystal Clear

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